Storage Tips

  • Take time to plan exactly how you are going to pack your unit
  • Store items you will use most frequently at the front of the unit
  • On the floor of the unit put down a skid or couple of boards to insure free air movement under and around your goods
  • Create an aisle to be able to get to the back of the unit
  • Store your largest items firstly
  • Stack boxes and similar sized items together
  • Try not to lean furniture against outside walls
  • Fill anything that is hollow (wardrobes, drawers)
  • A water/dust resistant cover over your goods is a good idea
  • Plan your move in for daylight hours
  • Store no perishable goods, food, pet food etc.
  • Never store fuel or solvents that might cause odors or be flammable
  • Propane is a fuel—never never.